Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A normal  day at school  will not be the same for four days it will be a lot more fun than normal. For four days we went and swam . The pool were very cold when you first get into the pool and then it get very fun and warm. It was fun to dive into the pool I was very cool one day hopefully we can do it again

We played  a lot of games in the pool it involved swimming and seed and sometimes  you need goggo so you can see under the water. We raced to the ball for the point. We won once and they whole the  rest of the times  it was still fun. they made us do gana style and they and made us ibarist but we still gave them pay back.

Mr samvel said get out of the pool my friends and I ran out of the pool and got dress. He said 30 seconds to go. We ran out of the toilets and got in a line. A lot of people were doing their hair so they didn't get to go in the pool the next day.

Thanks to Eric for editing my work

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

haunted house

One halloween night there were some trick or treaters going to people house and getting some candy.  They went to a lot of places and got and got some lollies. Some of the older people were scaring them but at the end getting some candy.

They stumbled into a very big house they walked up to the house. He called here the some thing was in the in the bush. He run faster he was very scared he finally made it to the steranes it made a squeaking noise he was terrified.

He press the doorbell all of a sadin the door opened and then the carpet looked like it was going to eat. him. Then it all went quiet then  carpet wrapped around him. And smacked him into the wall and shut the door he was very hurt  but he got back up.

He got back up and started going places to find a way out he found some dynamite found some matches. He he put the bomb in the toilet  he ran and duked the bomb blooded BOOM MMMM the bomb went off. When he got up he saw that the house was gone.