Friday, September 21, 2012

dream holday

Eastern Suburbs

on sunday I went to midles farm to get a medal. we went to find a parking spot and then I saw my friend toby I saw him running down the field I saw that he had with him his ball. he kicked the ball all the way down the field I chased the ball I got it and then stop it.

I saw Toby's dad he said that “it is starting soon” they told us to sit on the ground so that we could get their meldis. they called their  names they were calling their names. they  finally they called my name I got my medal. They shaked my hand and gave me a medal.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


On tuesday went to the court to see what it will be like being paralyzed. We put one hand in the band first so it will be like you have no hands. It was very hard then we got our partner and done the same. By the way Francis was my badey.

When we were running mr marks was laughing he wanted to record the mayhem but the camera was flat. He really wanted tap us so he could watch us all night. That would've been so funny.
It made It so hard to run and throw the ball we could not bet the time if we were running normal. How can they do it it is very hard.

It was very hard throw we had to hop and after we throw. Then we throw the ball without our hand in the band.

Monday, September 10, 2012


On Friday me and my dad went to get some cricket gear. We got a bat, pads, gloves, bag, shoes, and stumps.The funny thing was that all things I had were green. My dad threw the ball. It hit my ribs. It was very sore. Then it hit my legs that didn't hurt. It hit my pads.

Once when I was going to hit it the ball the drain was in the way so the ball went sideways and hit me in the legs. It did not matter. Then we went inside.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


In the Paralympics there is a 200 meters sprinting race but its not any normal run. They have curved metal blades as their legs because they have amputated legs. The reason why the blades were curved was so that they could run fast. At first they looked like they would fall over at the start the crowd was supporting their team. A man who was running funny got to first place he was running like a speedboat.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

sitting volleyball

In a volleyball game at the Para-olympics both teams have to sit on the court instead of standing because they have amputated limbs. The teams that were playing was Brazil & China, while they are playing the game. They had to drag themselves over the court. They have a different court to the normal one, it has a smaller court and a lower net. The teams had to use teamwork if they wanted to win.