Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey Pt England did School Cross Country!! My team was Takitimu (Yellow). It was great my shoes were dirty I will tell you the whole story.

I could feel the adrenalin pumping in my body. I was very nervous about this, we all knew we had to run one kilometer.Mr Burt said “On your marks, get set, GO!! I started to jog for a bit. The first puddle “Oh No” I said to myself. I ran through the puddle I was soaked but I still ran over the bridge.

One of the girls said “Which way do we go” and I said “Go left” then we both went left. When we were up to the steps we almost fell over going down. Then out of nowhere a puddle appeared and I got more wet then I was already. I finally got out of the swamp and I ran onto the grass.

But when I was running on the grass I started to sink in the grass as if it was quicksand!!. All of the teachers, mum’s and dad’s were cheering on their kids near the finish “GO!! GO!! GO!!” said the parents near the line I almost fainted but I was so close I didn’t want to give up. I was proud that I came 1ST place.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lees Writing About Sausages

Have you been working hard? Well Rm15 has, so we got to have sausages!! But I did the cooking I can tell you who helped me cook. All you have to do is read and enjoy.

Taniela and I had to grill the sausages. It was fun but Taniela burnt the sausages by mistake. We put the sausages on the grill but when we got back the sausages were all ready flipping over. We knew that it was cooking because it made a big sizzling sound.

The sausages while we were cooking it started to look like a small log. The sausages looked ready to eat but they were not because they were raw on the inside. The meat was squirting out like a volcano it looked disgusting.

The sausages felt like they were dancing on my mouth. I saw the burnt sausages I just missed it. I was very happy that I had a sausage. I hope we have it again!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The lunch ball ring YA!! SOCCER I raced to the field. I was the first one there I saw my team. I went to get the ball off Mr Harris. We got the goals set up and our captains and pit the team.

We got started to run, I ran with the ball then I fell over it a big puddle. But I still got up the poisson and almost got the goal but our differences stopped them. The differences kicked the ball all the way to me.

I got the goal then suddenly the bell rang. Some of us fell over when we were walking. I grabbed the post and put it in Mr Harris room.

Monday, August 6, 2012

alien abdication

Once  upon a time there was a boy named lee and a mini mind alien . one day lee was going to a shop and went to get some lollies when suddenly a flying flashing object came down and  car park almost hitting a car. a green slimy alien borst out of the ufo they grab me and took me to a very funny plant.

They put me into a kennel  for a 100,00,00$ a alien came and bought me and  took me and gave me some bones and eyes a robot came cleaned  all of the mess. the alien went to bed the robot took his mask off it was my brother we ran as fast as we code. into the ufo and we went home.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


On Thursday room 15 went to basketball. I Wondered what we are doing?.We had to practice dribbling the coaches said “use the fingertips to keep the ball under carroll”. I dribbled the ball with my fingertips and it made dribbling a lot easier.

Balancing the ball back and then Auri gave the ball to me. I dribbled the ball to the coach. Then the year 7&8 came. The next skill we had to do was spin the ball around your head body and legs. It is a lot harder then it looks.

That part was hard. Then at the end of the training we had a FUN!! game. We almost came first but we only got to play two games I really like that game. we helped them pack up the basketballs. I really like basketball!!!. luckey we have basketball on Thursday. I can't wait for next week.