Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Museum Trip

The Museum Trip

On Tuesday when the year 8’s were on camp most of the year 7's went on a trip to the Auckland Museum. We got there by a bus we went there because it’s for our topic Art Attack. We looked at all of the art work that was made in the Pacific and New Zealand art work. The bus got to the museum at approximately 10:30am and when the bus came back to school the time was 2:30

When we were at the museum we were looking at the Maori art and there were a lot of designs and carving. Then we went to the Maori area were all the awesome designs were. After we went to the pacific designs and weapons. There were about 20 old shark tooth weapons. And there were some thorns on them to.

After that we went into a room full of sea creatures and sharks.The scariest and biggest shark was the big as shark called the great  white but this great white was 5x bigger than all of the other sharks those other sharks were kind of small but the shark that I wanted to see was the tiger shark. Then after we went to the volcano shelter.

And then we went to go to the domain to take photos then soon after that we had to go back to the bus and then we went back to class. I thought I had a good time there.