Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FIA FIA Is Colming

        PT ENGLAND FIA FIA IS COMING  !!!       

We had FIA FIA. My teacher Miss Paget explained to the class that “We a having FIA FIA”. If you have not heard of it we do this every year it is a night when there is A variety of thing you can chose from I was in jump jam jump jam help you . We parasite for six weeks. On the last day of parasite our instructor told us to that this is the last day. when I was at home I thought to myself “This is going to be fun”. When I got there with my sister I could feel the atmosphere around me.

I found my friends pairs we played kicks to each other It was fun. Soon after Mr Burt called out on the loudspeaker okay it is time for the kids to get change we ran to class eleven we grab our bag and then pull up my pant and put on my t-shirt I put my band around my wast because my pant were huge on me. Then I went to our instructor she draw two line On each check. She said “You look fabulous” I looked around and then my friend around then my rushed through the door.

We all were waiting for Mr Burt to tell us to go out we sat on the carpet and then we all watched the dances My favourite dance was HIP HOP soon after that we had to get change then it was time to go home. at the end I was so tied.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Maths D.L.O. 

This is my D.L.O. of maths

About My Empathy Collage

      about My  Empathy Collage ;)

This term we got to make empathy collage. I love art.The first step we did was think what our college would be like . The next thing we did was we went online to find picture after that miss Paget printed the pitcher and we cut it out. Step three we put pastel crayon and vivid than we put the picture that we got from the internet on the paper after that we showed it to miss paget soon after that she put them on the wall.

I have made A empathy college. My teacher told us to help someone that does not know a lot about empathy help to teach people more about it. We did it for 5 weeks I was very messy but is was very cool. My favourite part was coloring. I made some world feels, hope, love,others.

I had a T-shirt and some shoes the shoes means putting yourself in other peoples shoes like looking in the world how other people would. The T-shirt mean to me about if a rich man went past the poor man he should he should see how the poor man feels I have a lot of colors in my collage.