Monday, May 12, 2014

What I Did In The Holiday's

     What I Did In The Holiday's

In my holiday’s I went to bounce n beyond I is a place where everything there is a bouncy castle there Is a wrecking ball a double slide a single slide a boxing ring a gladiator also a z orb and more slides. My favourite part was the boxing ring because they had huge!! boxing gloves there were a blue pair and a red pair.

My other favourite thing there was the gladiator because we could  grab a big stick whack each other off the platform and also I liked the wrecking ball we had to jump to each platform and to get hit by the wrecking ball that was so fun.

We were there for a three hour after that we had to leave and go home.


  1. Hi Lee!

    Sounds like you had an awesome holiday. I watched a clip online and it looks soo fun. I would like to go there one day! Keep up the fabulous work!

    Hannah =D

  2. Hi Lee,
    Yeah you are right it was so fun we were sweating and we had a smile on our faces the whole time hahahaha keep up the great work ;P