Friday, May 9, 2014

What We Did At Badminton

What We Did At Badminton

For four week we are having a session with a guy named Rob he work at Auckland badminton. I knew that  it would be fun for our warm up we played stuck in the mud it’s a very cool game. we had two games. I few minutes after Rob told us to come in and he started to explain the different hands like backhand and also forehand.

We had to try to keep the shuttlecock on our racket we did that for a bit It was the easiest and then we tried our backhand this was the hardiest after a few minutes we had to do combos. It went like this forehand backhand forehand backhand and we had to see how many times we could do.

After all that Rob told us to get A partner I pick Levi we had to go on each line and hit the shuttlecock to each other we did quite good but Taniela and jabez won every round. The instructor told us to line up so we could leave the whole thing took forty minutes.   

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