Wednesday, March 7, 2012

blind folded

When we were going to the hall there was a big! obstacle course. I said “ wow this is cool”. Mr marks told us the obstacle course it was easy, but when he said you have to do it blind folded I new this was going to be hard.

When it was our turn my partner was first. I guided him on and off the balance beam. I helped him over the tackling bags. Through the hula hoop and the zig zaging cones. On the mat “ finely we are at the steps “ I said. My partner and I were up to the big mat which I jumped off and so did my partner.

We where on the ground and it was my turn to be blind folded. We did the same thing but when we were up on the stage my friend pushed me off and I fell on to the ground. We where back. We were laughing at the people that where blind folded.


  1. Hi Lee cool pitcher that you draw.Yap it was fun.

  2. Hi Lee,

    Nice story about the blindfolded obstacle course I liked the part where you got pushed off bye your partner did it hurt?

    From your friend Francis

  3. did your heart pump a little