Thursday, March 28, 2013

lee math

pirate story

Over 100 years ago there lived the smist pirate that ever lived you could smell him from over A 100, 000, 000 kilometres away. His name was captain underpants. sailing the seven sea taking peoples treasure with one fart knocking them out cold  he was the richest person that ever live until the biggest baddest pirate named captain lee the good looking. his pirate that was very crazy he swallowed A cannon now when he opens his mouth he shoots cannon balls. one day captain underpants stole gold like normal. Ciaptain lee the good looking saw A gold gler in the distance he went to but as he got close it got  smaller he got  behind the he hired the floor squeak he look behind he saw lee the good looking  captain underpants yelled “what are you doing” I am stealing all your gold fool. He stole around about a few kg of gold ran to his bout and fled  captain underpaint said this declares war they got ready for war they got ready for war he came back the next day the bird went to go find him he got captain and told him where to go there he is was very quick fight they fired at the same time both ships got blowin up the treasure in the bottom of the atlantic ocean.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


At five and six camp we have a lot of event my most favorite event was kayaking I love when we went way out to the buoy. It was also scary there were big waves mr s did not help us he made big waves and we almost fall out of the bout. finally we got back to shore my arms were very sore.

I was going to go for a swim but it was very cold at the end I still wanted to go kayaking but it still was very fun. then he said that we had to got up the ramp. then we all got changed and then we went back to camp and then got change.