Wednesday, October 24, 2012


One beautiful day John and Eric went to the forest they saw a shooting star well so what they thought It was. As it got closer it started to look like a UFO  "AHHHHHHHHH" Eric said.John and Eric was shocked he said to himself “are my eye ticking me”I rubbed my eyes.

They rushed to the scene they saw the UFO and they fanned a little green alien what a very small alien. It had a little glass helmet all of a sudden he pulled a gun. John said “ duk”Eric jumped out of the way. He stayed there and he was aware of what it would happen when it gets

Eric said “go to my house and get the hammer run, run, run and I will hold him up” he ran as fast as he could. He said to eric’s WE NEED THE HAMMER!! while sitting down. John grabbed the key and struggled to open up the door finale he opened the door and got the biggest hammer they had and went back to the forest. He said in his head “will I make it ?”

John hid behind the tree’s and snaked and whacked the alien there was a hole in his helmet he could not survive. The impact of the glass helmet hit his head and made his head bleed all this green blood was squirting out of out of the alien’s head. They hid his  UFO in the lake they never found it again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


One sunny day my friends went to the shops. They went to buy something to eat and drink. They got some chips.

But when Sione finishes his chips and drink went to the shops and hid the chips in his t-shirt. and the dog was huge and he was being chased by the dog.

He gave the dog some chips he no longer hungry. He went home and got some money for the chip. He said thank you.

Everyone was happy but mostly sione. We walked home slowly to enjoy the sun. It was a nice day.