Thursday, April 11, 2013

Introduction: The year before 5002, Zombies were invented in the island of Zombieland where heaps of zombies are. There were 3 survivors that crashed in a airplane and risked their lives fighting for their people. There names were Lee 619, Faaiua 777 and Vaifoa 240, and they were 26, 21 , 18 years old, one was the smart one the other was fast and the last of all was the tiny one but strong.


When we were walking across the airplane to find our friends , but they were dead and transformed into a zombie and tried to eat our skin and our brains. The three zombies got lost because we were to fast for the hiddiest zombies. We were in danger and very terrified. “Run, run yelled faaiua 777, they are chasing after us”. “Shoot them” said lee 619. “Quick get into cover”, I responded to my mates.


The three survivors ran to the airplane to find some guns.They got geared up for the war against the zombies.the three survivors had metal armor and electret pads so when the zombies bite them they get shocked  and die to death.They were the strongest men in the planet.because they are not scared of anything.

The three survivors killed us to death they wanted to be the last survivors on the planet. A few hours they started to fix their airplane to get back home. But it was too budget and didn’t work. So now they can't go back home. when the three survivors were fooling around. Then they heard a helicopter. The helicopter saw the three survivors so they flew down and saved them.