Friday, July 12, 2013

Mr s

Mr s is awesome he is not my home class teacher but he is my literacy teacher he is so cool because he has super funny jokes. And also he let’s watch movies with him he always gives us cool task he let’s us go on learning actives. He help us on things I did not know before I wish he was in my maths class.

Monday, July 8, 2013


There’s this game that I always play at home. That is Minecraft. Its a building game. I like it because you can create houses, and you can craft things. You can also cook stuff like chicken but first you have to go mining, as only then you can make a furnace, but then to get cooked chicken you need to kill a chicken. Or you can type up this /gamemode 1, then get chicken and then type this up /gamemode 0, so you don’t have to kill anything.

Minecraft is one of the best games in the word. The things that I like to craft is a pickaxe and a enchantment table. With a enchantment table you can make your armor and weapon stronger. But you need xp to enchant it. To get xp, you need to either kill things, or get things by mining. If you have no xp when your enchanting, then you can’t enchant ANYTHING. If you have a LOT of xp and you enchant, then you can get an enchanted diamond sword, and the sword is enchanted to Bane Of Arthropods or Fire Aspect, which sets any creature you hit on fire for 5 seconds.

If you want to finish Minecraft, you have to go the End where the EnderDragon is. To get to that stage, you first need to go to the Nether, and kill a blaze, and get a blaze rod. Then you leave the Nether and kill an Enderman. When the Enderman is killed, you should get an Ender Pearl. Once that is done, you craft blaze powder with the blaze rod, and craft an Eye Of Ender with the Ender Pearl, and the blaze powder.