Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Antarctica Adventures

Hi my name is Lee and this is a narrative about Antarctica the characters are Dave & Mike.

One day Dave went to go and find a job that takes people to Antarctica. He found one in the newspaper it was called Antarctica adventures they needed to find a man how would like to go to Antarctica to find if there is any lifeforms. He got geared up then got ready to go and find some lifeforms.

He went on the plane and got started his journey. He was not aware that he was going to one of the most scariest things in the world he got off the plane and then he turned around for a second then the plane left he knew that something was going on then he started to walk down into the mist suddenly a big shadow came out of the mist the most animal came out of the mist it was a penguin the most terrifying thing in the world then he screamed like a little girl.

Then he ran and ran and ran and the penguin stood like a rock. Then Dave’s friend Mike came out of the mist then Mike jumped onto the penguin but before he got him he ran like the wind. Then Dave pulled out his Google phone and called for backup. A war plane dropped an iron cage and trapped the penguin the plane landed and then The Antarctic Team Alpha helped to pull the penguin into the plane Dave and Mike got a massage and they ended up the richest men in the galaxy.

A big thanks to Francis.

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