Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Step By Step


                              How to stand on a chair

List of materials:             
  • Chair
  • Brain
  • Leg
  • Person
  • Ground

Step 1. You need a chair
Step 2. Put your right hand on the chair (If you're on the right side).
Step 3. Choose what foot you wanna put on first
Step 4. Put all your weight onto the other leg
Step 5. Lift it up
Step 6. Move your foot forward
Step 7. Put your foot on the chair.
Step 8. Lift up the other leg
Step 9. Then put all the other weight onto the other foot
Step 10. Move it forward
Step 11. Put it on the chair
Step 12. Once you put both feet on the chair you bend your feet
Step 13. Stand up
Step 14. Then you stand up properly.

Step 15. Then you get off the chair and then dance

1 comment:

  1. Nice steps on how to stand on a chair I like how you use imperative verbs as if you don't know imperative verbs are a doing word like put,
    close, and yeau otherwise your work was good I will see you at home.