Friday, July 25, 2014

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

After two week we had to go back to school. But on the first day of school we always have a Immersion Assembly which is cool so when I went to school we had to go outside and put our shoes on. And then we had to line up and go to Assembly. We had to wait and be quiet.

Then Mr Jacobsen come down the middle of the hall and put it on the opposite side of the other bike one of the bike were a mountain bike and the other bike was a road bike. The was made out of aluminium fibre and the mountain bike was made out of aluminium and the mountain had springs and the road bike didn't.

Then Mr Jacobsen said “First up team 1” Then the teacher’s went up the stage and they had flag on there back and the flag that were on there back’s were South Africa, New Zealand, U.S.A, Fiji Samoa. And then they sat back down and played the movie and it was the teacher doing posies in places. Then the queen gave a talk saying the commonwealth game are on.

Then Mr Jacobsen Now it is time for team 2 then the teacher played the movie. the movie was them acting out netball rugby and athletics. Then they came up and held the trophy.

Team 3 Mr J shouted then the teacher came up and to do Rhythmic gymnastics Miss Barks told us about gymnastics. While Miss Barks Was talking Miss King was playing with her ribbon then all the teacher came in and did gymnastics and then Miss King did a cart wheel and failed Then they went back to there sets.

The final team is team 5 there Mr J turned the movie on it was all the teacher in different country Miss Squires went to Chile and Miss Clark went to new York and Miss Paget went to the U.S.A. Miss T went to Samoa.

Thursday, July 24, 2014



In class 5 we had to do AFL. There are three rules to know. The first rule is Laces away from faces. The next rule is X on the ball pointing to where you want it to go and kicking the ball with your foot.We had to play a game it was called over the river It is when you have to kick the ball and the other team has to catch it. We got to play the game twice and then we switch sides and play twice again.

For our next session we had a warm up and learned the ice cream scoop. For the next technique we learnt the was the ice cream scoop that is when you clench your fist and hit the x on the ball. We past it to our team mate. Then we had a game to pass it to each other and see how much we could get. It was a little hard but I got better at it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lee Future Aspirations

We had some speaker’s at our school to talk about how they got to there job and what they wanted to do before they found their jobs. There names were Jason, Andrea, Arizona and Alfred Like Jason He is a maths teacher. When he was at school his friends were liked playing rugby but he did not.

He could not catch a ball he could he could not kick a ball but he was very good at maths we went to university to be teacher and now he is working at tamaki college.Don’t follow your friend if you don’t want too and if you want to do something then follow it through. So if I want to do something I should study hard.

Sound Presentation


 Class 5 Is Doing Swimming

For the past week we have been doing swimming with the class. There are two groups you can get put in to number one is the highest and then the next highest is two I got put into group 1. All of the class had to sit down We had to wait for my turn I went with Sonny. We had to go into the big cold pool.

We had to warm up by doing kick up and down the lane.And the next thing we got to do was to put  half your head in the water and the other out. and we had to swim up and down the lane. Then we did back stork repeatedly. Then we had to do freestyle. In the last five minutes me got to have free time.

We all were floating on our back and relaxing after a while it got really cold so then Our instructor told us we can get out. We ran slowly got out and went into the shower after that we were a warmed up. after that we went into the changing sheds and went back to school.

Lee Plant And Research

On Wednesday after lunch we had scientists come to our school. They were                                                                                                                                       scientists  from Plant Food and  Research they made golden kiwi fruit. There                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                names were Laura, Jacob and Lara. They were here to do experiments with us some of the thing’s that they had was cabbage juice and white vinegar to see which one had more acid.

If the vinegar had more acid because it turned reddish pinkish but if the cabbage juice has more than the vinegar it would turn green. The next experiment was with dry ice and water they told us if they what do you think will happen they told us “to put up our hands to and tell us what you think will happen” After we had to they put the dry ice into the water to see if we will float and to see it will melt.

But it started to bubble it was so cool but the next thing they did was get mr muscle and dry ice and they told us “What do you think will happen after a that happened they put the ice in” Then Jacob grabbed the dry ice and put it into the container and then all of the bubbles came out of the container .