Thursday, July 24, 2014



In class 5 we had to do AFL. There are three rules to know. The first rule is Laces away from faces. The next rule is X on the ball pointing to where you want it to go and kicking the ball with your foot.We had to play a game it was called over the river It is when you have to kick the ball and the other team has to catch it. We got to play the game twice and then we switch sides and play twice again.

For our next session we had a warm up and learned the ice cream scoop. For the next technique we learnt the was the ice cream scoop that is when you clench your fist and hit the x on the ball. We past it to our team mate. Then we had a game to pass it to each other and see how much we could get. It was a little hard but I got better at it.

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