Friday, July 25, 2014

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

After two week we had to go back to school. But on the first day of school we always have a Immersion Assembly which is cool so when I went to school we had to go outside and put our shoes on. And then we had to line up and go to Assembly. We had to wait and be quiet.

Then Mr Jacobsen come down the middle of the hall and put it on the opposite side of the other bike one of the bike were a mountain bike and the other bike was a road bike. The was made out of aluminium fibre and the mountain bike was made out of aluminium and the mountain had springs and the road bike didn't.

Then Mr Jacobsen said “First up team 1” Then the teacher’s went up the stage and they had flag on there back and the flag that were on there back’s were South Africa, New Zealand, U.S.A, Fiji Samoa. And then they sat back down and played the movie and it was the teacher doing posies in places. Then the queen gave a talk saying the commonwealth game are on.

Then Mr Jacobsen Now it is time for team 2 then the teacher played the movie. the movie was them acting out netball rugby and athletics. Then they came up and held the trophy.

Team 3 Mr J shouted then the teacher came up and to do Rhythmic gymnastics Miss Barks told us about gymnastics. While Miss Barks Was talking Miss King was playing with her ribbon then all the teacher came in and did gymnastics and then Miss King did a cart wheel and failed Then they went back to there sets.

The final team is team 5 there Mr J turned the movie on it was all the teacher in different country Miss Squires went to Chile and Miss Clark went to new York and Miss Paget went to the U.S.A. Miss T went to Samoa.

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