Friday, May 11, 2012

Eden park

In the holiday we were going to Eden park to watch the Kiwis and Kangaroos play. When we went to look for a parking spot, we  walked near the doors and they opened. My family took our tickets out of the car.

I was the first one to scan my ticket. I was waiting for my dad to come out. We were waiting for  St Pauls and Otahuhu  to finish their match so we could watch the real game.

It was time for New Zealand vs Australia. It was Australia’s kick off to New Zealand. Stepping and tackling we saw the Kiwis get the first try because we were by the goal post. The time hit 0:00 and it was half time. This time it was the kiws turn to kick off. Both teams played hard but Australia won. The final score was Australia  20 to New Zealand 12.

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  1. Hey Lee, that was a very well written post! You have really put a lot of effort into it, and I can see that you have tried your best to spell your words correctly!!! Well done, but I have got one more thing to say...... Lee you have to remember to check your sentences to make sure that they make sense. You first paragraph didn't really make sense to me because you were looking for a parking spot, then you were going through the doors but then, you were getting your tickets out of the car.

    Please check your work next time Buddy...... Lots of Love Chante