Thursday, December 11, 2014


“Wake up Lee” My mum says. You have to get ready for athletics I jumped out of bed with joy “I love Athletics” I said to my mum she replied “What is favorite” “I don’t have one”  I got ready to go school all my friends were there they were all pumped up but the thing was that we would have to wait till the middle block.

The year 7 boys got a teacher for our caretaker her name was Miss Tele’a when we were all there she told us to go to the reserve where we played a lot of fun and cool the first thing we did was tug of war. Tug of war is a game when there are a number of people and same on the other side we won our first and second  game but lost the last one.
Soon after that we had a serious games The first thing was shot put then high jump then sprints.

After this we got told to put the high jump mat away we sat down And I thought to myself “That was fun”

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Technology A.K.A. tech, tech is at Tamaki college where there are a variety of subjects like cooking, graphics and hard materials. When I got to school I went into the street and on the wall I saw my name under graphics I was actually quite like it Because I love to draw. My favourite would have to be cooking Because I loved it ever since I was a little kid.

For graphics I had a male teacher his name was Mr Pineda he took us he first wanted to teach us about lines and that lines are very important so he gave the class and I a worksheet about line that was easy. After that I ask Mr Pineda “What do I do now” Mr Pineda “draw anything. After that we had to make a burger box that activity was fun.

It was the end of the term and I was a bit sad but I still have next year and plus it's almost holidays. :)