Thursday, December 13, 2012

Once upon a time there was a vampire that roamed upon the town. At night time he scares everyone in their dreams. Some people were so scared they wet their beds. They never wanted to go.

One day he tried to scare an old man but instead of hurting him he did nothing, his dreams were too strong. He tried and tried but he could not get into his mind.  He was going to give up but he still did not.

He thought that he would not be able to scare anyone ever again. So he went back to his house and tried to find a way to get back into people's dreams. He found a way to make  it back into people he will use a teleporter to get into their  minds.

He made it in but that was just the beginning of the journey he got into it easy.  Now he had to think of bad dreams and it worked. He thought  to himself,  “I am so smart”. Next minute he died because he had no more drama so he died of shock.

thanks to Eric.


  1. Wonderful story Lee. I hope you enjoy painting on tux paint because you are good at drawing. Can you teach me soon to paint? Keep the great work up Lee. You never know you might turn out to be a famous artist. How did you learn how to draw so good?

  2. How Exciting your story is Lee. That is a Great picture is too. Did you enjoy writing that story? You are really good at your paragraphs. That is a wonderful narrative. You might become a writer some day. Keep the good work up Lee. I bet you could write a lot this year. Your really good at your writing. Good to see you producing your words and all different stuff. love this story lee...