Thursday, December 6, 2012

netbook reflections 2013

I like my netbook because it is a lot better than before and also it is helping with my spelling. I think it is handy to use so that I do not have to use a pencil. And all so we get blogs and have fun.

The thing that frustrates me when I look at the Netbook and then I write it on my book. Also getting distracted from work like trying to find our places that we have to go.

What will make it better improving the internet.

It is a lot better than ever it is very cool it is a lot easier.


  1. Hi Lee.I like about your writing about netbook.So I wood like to learn about you.From Semi

  2. Hi lee I like what you wrote your work is getting better every times I see your blog please keep up the good work because you are getting better From your sister Nikki