Monday, September 8, 2014

Kiwi Sport Football

Kiwi Sport Football

Every Monday we have soccer with our instructor Sophia. Sophia told us about the rules. She said “ You can’t touch the ball unless your goalkeeper. There are 11 aside. There is no tackling, no picking up the ball and no pushing. If you score you get 1 point.

First Sophia told us we had to warm up so we had to line up and then she told us what to do. We had to dribble with the ball. After that we had to kick the ball away than we had to run backwards, I fell over. Then we had to run forward, we were very tired.

Then we had to line up into one big line there were 4 people in my team they were Sonny, Tyli, Anamei and me. We were Argentina because we had to pick a team from the 2014 world cup. Chile then next we played Netherlands we had a break after we played Germany next we played Swaziland and then we played Mexico. Then at the end we had to go to Sophia and she told us who the winners were. It was Brazil and we came fourth.

Then we had to go back to class but the people that were in Brazil got to stay there and go a chocolate. I had fun.