Thursday, December 11, 2014


“Wake up Lee” My mum says. You have to get ready for athletics I jumped out of bed with joy “I love Athletics” I said to my mum she replied “What is favorite” “I don’t have one”  I got ready to go school all my friends were there they were all pumped up but the thing was that we would have to wait till the middle block.

The year 7 boys got a teacher for our caretaker her name was Miss Tele’a when we were all there she told us to go to the reserve where we played a lot of fun and cool the first thing we did was tug of war. Tug of war is a game when there are a number of people and same on the other side we won our first and second  game but lost the last one.
Soon after that we had a serious games The first thing was shot put then high jump then sprints.

After this we got told to put the high jump mat away we sat down And I thought to myself “That was fun”

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Technology A.K.A. tech, tech is at Tamaki college where there are a variety of subjects like cooking, graphics and hard materials. When I got to school I went into the street and on the wall I saw my name under graphics I was actually quite like it Because I love to draw. My favourite would have to be cooking Because I loved it ever since I was a little kid.

For graphics I had a male teacher his name was Mr Pineda he took us he first wanted to teach us about lines and that lines are very important so he gave the class and I a worksheet about line that was easy. After that I ask Mr Pineda “What do I do now” Mr Pineda “draw anything. After that we had to make a burger box that activity was fun.

It was the end of the term and I was a bit sad but I still have next year and plus it's almost holidays. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Museum Trip

The Museum Trip

On Tuesday when the year 8’s were on camp most of the year 7's went on a trip to the Auckland Museum. We got there by a bus we went there because it’s for our topic Art Attack. We looked at all of the art work that was made in the Pacific and New Zealand art work. The bus got to the museum at approximately 10:30am and when the bus came back to school the time was 2:30

When we were at the museum we were looking at the Maori art and there were a lot of designs and carving. Then we went to the Maori area were all the awesome designs were. After we went to the pacific designs and weapons. There were about 20 old shark tooth weapons. And there were some thorns on them to.

After that we went into a room full of sea creatures and sharks.The scariest and biggest shark was the big as shark called the great  white but this great white was 5x bigger than all of the other sharks those other sharks were kind of small but the shark that I wanted to see was the tiger shark. Then after we went to the volcano shelter.

And then we went to go to the domain to take photos then soon after that we had to go back to the bus and then we went back to class. I thought I had a good time there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  • Hear are somethings to know about Minecraft

This is my avatar it is from minecraft. Minecraft is a game and every thing is made out of square
  • Tip 1. Basics
  • W moves forward (double-tap and hold to sprint).
  • A moves left,
  • S moves your Character Backwards.
  • D moves it Right.  
  • To drop your Item press Q.
  • If you want, you can change it to the arrow keys, by pressing esc, then click options. After that, you click controls. Then you can change it.
  • Press E to go to your Inventory.
  • If you want to sneak press Lshift.
  • Tip 2: Commands
  • Press T to Talk.
  • If you want to change to Creative, you type /gamemode 1.
  • To change to Survival mode, you do /gamemode 0.
  • To get to Adventure, just write /gamemode 2.
  • If you need more help on Commands press, /help.
  • And if you want to teleport to a friend, (Lets just use Enderman for example) just write /tp Enderman. To Teleport him to you, type /tp Enderman bacon chicken.
  • Tip 3. Time to mine.
  • To dig, or cut, or mine, right click. There is a cross in the middle of the screen, and whatever it’s pointing at when you right click, you will hit that.

  • If you have a pickaxe, and when you’re using it and it disappears, it’s because you used it till it broke. So when you have an axe, a spade, a pickaxe, or a sword that has been used, there will be a line underneath it.

Tangle Pattern

Class 1 and class 5 and one big class now so the teachers told us to do a tangle pattern. A tangle pattern is like a  square and you have to weave it and you can never see the start of it or the end.  

First thing we did was get a corner piece or we got a middle peace or a side  of it. Then we had to go on google and search up a pattern that we could put on the pattern. Screenshot 2014-10-22 at 9.37.22 AM.png

When you are done drawing the pattern you need to color the outline from whatever you wanted to with any pen or just color the whole thing if you wanted to it’s just if you color the whole thing then the two colour have to look good together.

I am happy that completed my tangle pattern.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Kiwi Sport Football

Kiwi Sport Football

Every Monday we have soccer with our instructor Sophia. Sophia told us about the rules. She said “ You can’t touch the ball unless your goalkeeper. There are 11 aside. There is no tackling, no picking up the ball and no pushing. If you score you get 1 point.

First Sophia told us we had to warm up so we had to line up and then she told us what to do. We had to dribble with the ball. After that we had to kick the ball away than we had to run backwards, I fell over. Then we had to run forward, we were very tired.

Then we had to line up into one big line there were 4 people in my team they were Sonny, Tyli, Anamei and me. We were Argentina because we had to pick a team from the 2014 world cup. Chile then next we played Netherlands we had a break after we played Germany next we played Swaziland and then we played Mexico. Then at the end we had to go to Sophia and she told us who the winners were. It was Brazil and we came fourth.

Then we had to go back to class but the people that were in Brazil got to stay there and go a chocolate. I had fun.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Colour Wheel

Colour Wheel

Do you know what a colour wheel is ? If you don’t then this is the right place to be. A colour wheel has primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours they have different colours like blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and violet.   Screenshot 2014-08-22 at 11.46.24 AM.png

In class 5 we had to do a colour wheel, there are three types of colours. Primary colours, Secondary colours and Tertiary Colours. The Primary colours are blue, green and red they make up all the colours

The Secondary colours are green, orange and violet. To make Green you have to get blue and yellow and mix it. To make violet you need blue, red and to make orange you have to mix red and yellow.

The tertiary colours are yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, and blue-green they are made with primary colours and secondary colours.

Then I finally finished my colour wheel. Then miss paget went online and showed us a building that looked 3D.zzzzz.jpg

Friday, August 1, 2014

Australian Football League

Research on the country?
The History of Australia refers to the history of the area and people of the Commonwealth of Australia and its preceding Indigenous and colonial societies. Aboriginal Australians are believed to have first arrived on the Australian mainland by sea from Maritime Southeast Asia between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago. The artistic,musical and spiritual traditions they established are among the longest surviving such traditions in human history.

Rules:  A.F.L is a sport played between two teams of eighteen players on the field of either an Australian football ground Or a modified cricket field, or a similarly sized sports venue. The main way to score points is by kicking the ball between the two tall goal posts. The team with the higher total score at the end of the match wins unless either a draw is declared or a tie-break which then will go into a golden point.

Understand the basics of the game. Australian football, or "footy" as it is known the ball is also often referred to as the footy is played on a large oval field 135 - 185 meters long from goal and 110 -115 meters wide and has four large goalposts on each side of the field. Points are scored by kicking goals, which occurs when the football is kicked between the 2 middle goalposts, and behinds, when the ball is kicked through the outside goalposts. Goals are worth 6 points and behinds are worth 1 point. There are 18 players on each side, with 3 interchange bench players and 1 substitute on the side. The ball can be disposed of either by kicking or handballing bumping the ball with the fist similar to volleyball, and goals can only be scored by kicking the ball through the goalposts.

The equipment you need for AFL is football boots, AFL shorts and a AFL singlet. The most important thing you need is a mouth guard. You can have a head guard if you want to use one.

Adelaide Crows                                            
Brisbane Lions
Collingwood Magpies
Fremantle Dockers
Geelong Cats
Hawthorn Hawks
Melbourne Demons
North Melbourne Kangaroos
Port Adelaide Power
Richmond Tigers
Melbourne St. Kilda
Sydney Swans
West Coast Eagles
Western Bulldogs
Gold Coast Suns

GWS Giants

Collingwood Magpies

In 1857 Tom Wills was  one of the founders of Australian Football league after he returned to Australia after schooling in England where he was football captain of Rugby School and a brilliant cricketer. He advocated the winter game of football as a way of keeping cricketers fit during off-season.
The new game was devised by Wills, his cousin H.C.A. Harrison, W.J. Hammersley and J.B. Thompson. The Melbourne Football Club was formed on August 7, 1858 – the year of the code's first recorded match between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar School.                                                                                    
In 1857 when A.F.L. was made there were 205,464. Now there are 23,344,735 people in Australia.

Film Fest

Today we and 32 people and I going to the NZ film festival. There were 16 movies And they were in the Civic Theater in the city it look so cool and then when we went inside and it was so cool it looked like we were looking at the stars it was cool it looked liked a opera house.

We were there to see movies from around the world but before that we had to wait for half an hour and then a man came up and told us that “ There the movies are going to be from around the world and the last one would be from New Zealand “ And then the curtain pulled up and then the movies.

My favourite movie was the boy who was stealing light bulbs and putting it in the stardom and he got caught by a man and gave his light bulbs back and then the sky light up. Soon after that it was time to go back on the bus. Then we got to school and had morning tea.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

After two week we had to go back to school. But on the first day of school we always have a Immersion Assembly which is cool so when I went to school we had to go outside and put our shoes on. And then we had to line up and go to Assembly. We had to wait and be quiet.

Then Mr Jacobsen come down the middle of the hall and put it on the opposite side of the other bike one of the bike were a mountain bike and the other bike was a road bike. The was made out of aluminium fibre and the mountain bike was made out of aluminium and the mountain had springs and the road bike didn't.

Then Mr Jacobsen said “First up team 1” Then the teacher’s went up the stage and they had flag on there back and the flag that were on there back’s were South Africa, New Zealand, U.S.A, Fiji Samoa. And then they sat back down and played the movie and it was the teacher doing posies in places. Then the queen gave a talk saying the commonwealth game are on.

Then Mr Jacobsen Now it is time for team 2 then the teacher played the movie. the movie was them acting out netball rugby and athletics. Then they came up and held the trophy.

Team 3 Mr J shouted then the teacher came up and to do Rhythmic gymnastics Miss Barks told us about gymnastics. While Miss Barks Was talking Miss King was playing with her ribbon then all the teacher came in and did gymnastics and then Miss King did a cart wheel and failed Then they went back to there sets.

The final team is team 5 there Mr J turned the movie on it was all the teacher in different country Miss Squires went to Chile and Miss Clark went to new York and Miss Paget went to the U.S.A. Miss T went to Samoa.

Thursday, July 24, 2014



In class 5 we had to do AFL. There are three rules to know. The first rule is Laces away from faces. The next rule is X on the ball pointing to where you want it to go and kicking the ball with your foot.We had to play a game it was called over the river It is when you have to kick the ball and the other team has to catch it. We got to play the game twice and then we switch sides and play twice again.

For our next session we had a warm up and learned the ice cream scoop. For the next technique we learnt the was the ice cream scoop that is when you clench your fist and hit the x on the ball. We past it to our team mate. Then we had a game to pass it to each other and see how much we could get. It was a little hard but I got better at it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lee Future Aspirations

We had some speaker’s at our school to talk about how they got to there job and what they wanted to do before they found their jobs. There names were Jason, Andrea, Arizona and Alfred Like Jason He is a maths teacher. When he was at school his friends were liked playing rugby but he did not.

He could not catch a ball he could he could not kick a ball but he was very good at maths we went to university to be teacher and now he is working at tamaki college.Don’t follow your friend if you don’t want too and if you want to do something then follow it through. So if I want to do something I should study hard.

Sound Presentation


 Class 5 Is Doing Swimming

For the past week we have been doing swimming with the class. There are two groups you can get put in to number one is the highest and then the next highest is two I got put into group 1. All of the class had to sit down We had to wait for my turn I went with Sonny. We had to go into the big cold pool.

We had to warm up by doing kick up and down the lane.And the next thing we got to do was to put  half your head in the water and the other out. and we had to swim up and down the lane. Then we did back stork repeatedly. Then we had to do freestyle. In the last five minutes me got to have free time.

We all were floating on our back and relaxing after a while it got really cold so then Our instructor told us we can get out. We ran slowly got out and went into the shower after that we were a warmed up. after that we went into the changing sheds and went back to school.

Lee Plant And Research

On Wednesday after lunch we had scientists come to our school. They were                                                                                                                                       scientists  from Plant Food and  Research they made golden kiwi fruit. There                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                names were Laura, Jacob and Lara. They were here to do experiments with us some of the thing’s that they had was cabbage juice and white vinegar to see which one had more acid.

If the vinegar had more acid because it turned reddish pinkish but if the cabbage juice has more than the vinegar it would turn green. The next experiment was with dry ice and water they told us if they what do you think will happen they told us “to put up our hands to and tell us what you think will happen” After we had to they put the dry ice into the water to see if we will float and to see it will melt.

But it started to bubble it was so cool but the next thing they did was get mr muscle and dry ice and they told us “What do you think will happen after a that happened they put the ice in” Then Jacob grabbed the dry ice and put it into the container and then all of the bubbles came out of the container .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


This term we are learning about sound to this is some thing we had to do a sound website called . You get to pick form a drum some pipes and also a guitar. I picked the drums we had to click on a small a medium and a large drum. A small drum makes a high pitched and the large drum makes a low pitched sound.

Here is the link

Monday, May 12, 2014

What I Did In The Holiday's

     What I Did In The Holiday's

In my holiday’s I went to bounce n beyond I is a place where everything there is a bouncy castle there Is a wrecking ball a double slide a single slide a boxing ring a gladiator also a z orb and more slides. My favourite part was the boxing ring because they had huge!! boxing gloves there were a blue pair and a red pair.

My other favourite thing there was the gladiator because we could  grab a big stick whack each other off the platform and also I liked the wrecking ball we had to jump to each platform and to get hit by the wrecking ball that was so fun.

We were there for a three hour after that we had to leave and go home.

Friday, May 9, 2014

What We Did At Badminton

What We Did At Badminton

For four week we are having a session with a guy named Rob he work at Auckland badminton. I knew that  it would be fun for our warm up we played stuck in the mud it’s a very cool game. we had two games. I few minutes after Rob told us to come in and he started to explain the different hands like backhand and also forehand.

We had to try to keep the shuttlecock on our racket we did that for a bit It was the easiest and then we tried our backhand this was the hardiest after a few minutes we had to do combos. It went like this forehand backhand forehand backhand and we had to see how many times we could do.

After all that Rob told us to get A partner I pick Levi we had to go on each line and hit the shuttlecock to each other we did quite good but Taniela and jabez won every round. The instructor told us to line up so we could leave the whole thing took forty minutes.   

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Assembly Term 2

What We Are Doing For This Term

Every term we have a different theme. This team the theme is I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT. Ever team have different way to explain how they like to move it move it.

Team 1 Is going to the zoo to find out how they keep the animals safe and the people safe.To make sure that they don’t fall into the habits. And also the so the animals won't escape.

Team 2 Is learning how the weigh of a plane stay in the air and how they do tricks without any going wrong. And how they go around the world there are approximately 960 flights a day land.

Team 3 Are showing colours stay in some colours and some came back into your eyes. If someone is wearing a green cape then all the colours will go to it but the green colour will reflect of an come back it your eyes. And if you are wearing a black cape all the colours will go to it and none will come back so you will see black.

Team 4 Are trying to show how boat float on water and how they stay bounce. Also how they go through the water even though the water is going the other way. also the way it makes ripples in the water.

And my team is learning how to make instrument made out of things around the school and make a short video clip. I want to make a drum kit we could make a band.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FIA FIA Is Colming

        PT ENGLAND FIA FIA IS COMING  !!!       

We had FIA FIA. My teacher Miss Paget explained to the class that “We a having FIA FIA”. If you have not heard of it we do this every year it is a night when there is A variety of thing you can chose from I was in jump jam jump jam help you . We parasite for six weeks. On the last day of parasite our instructor told us to that this is the last day. when I was at home I thought to myself “This is going to be fun”. When I got there with my sister I could feel the atmosphere around me.

I found my friends pairs we played kicks to each other It was fun. Soon after Mr Burt called out on the loudspeaker okay it is time for the kids to get change we ran to class eleven we grab our bag and then pull up my pant and put on my t-shirt I put my band around my wast because my pant were huge on me. Then I went to our instructor she draw two line On each check. She said “You look fabulous” I looked around and then my friend around then my rushed through the door.

We all were waiting for Mr Burt to tell us to go out we sat on the carpet and then we all watched the dances My favourite dance was HIP HOP soon after that we had to get change then it was time to go home. at the end I was so tied.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Maths D.L.O. 

This is my D.L.O. of maths

About My Empathy Collage

      about My  Empathy Collage ;)

This term we got to make empathy collage. I love art.The first step we did was think what our college would be like . The next thing we did was we went online to find picture after that miss Paget printed the pitcher and we cut it out. Step three we put pastel crayon and vivid than we put the picture that we got from the internet on the paper after that we showed it to miss paget soon after that she put them on the wall.

I have made A empathy college. My teacher told us to help someone that does not know a lot about empathy help to teach people more about it. We did it for 5 weeks I was very messy but is was very cool. My favourite part was coloring. I made some world feels, hope, love,others.

I had a T-shirt and some shoes the shoes means putting yourself in other peoples shoes like looking in the world how other people would. The T-shirt mean to me about if a rich man went past the poor man he should he should see how the poor man feels I have a lot of colors in my collage.

Friday, March 21, 2014

What's For Pudding?

  1. cassava ( a tropical plant ) She grab a handfull of it and squeeze it on to her hands.
  2. next she takes the cassava and takes it into the cookhouse.
  3. next she heats some special rocks.
  4. next she places half of the rocks at the bottom of a motu also known as a stone oven using a large wooden tongs.
  5. after that she placers the banana leaves on the motu.
  6. offences the leaves are in place she put cassava pulp on top of the smaller banana in the motu
  7. after she flatting the cassava out and makes a parcel by wrapping the leaves over top of the leaves.
  8. next she covers this parcel with more banana leaves.
  9. Using the tong’s she, she places the rest of the the hot rocks.
  10. on the very top of this layer of leaves, she gets heavy rock to to weigh it down.
  11. you have to be very patient to cook this way.
  12. she leaves the cassava to cook motu for three hours.
  13. after all this time, she takes off the hot rocks.
  14. she fans the parcel containing the cassava to cool it down, then carefully lift it out of the motu and leaves it to cool.
  15. now she shakes some of the hot rocks individually between two coconut.
  16. the rock are then placed in the bowl containing coconut milk had prepared some for her.
  17. this helps to warm up the milk to the same temperature as the cassava cooking in the motu.
  18. next she unwraps the parcel containing the cassava and places it in a bowl, which she gives to someone. her friend has A big bamboo that he uses to mash the cooked cassava.
  19. as he mashes the cassava she slowly pours in the coconut milk.

Lee Maths

Friday, March 14, 2014

Making Our Writing More Interesting

Making our writing more interesting
Below are some really boring sentences. Make them more interesting by adding adjectives and adverbs. You can also use a thesaurus to change the verb to a more interesting word.
e.g. The dog ran to get the ball.
The huge, black dog dashed quickly to fetch the red ball.
1.     The lady walked across the fields.
The tall lady ran across the long, grassy field   with her blue dress.
2.   The cat lay on the sofa.
The fat cat lady on the comfy sofa for a very long time.
3.   The bird was singing outside the window.
A baby bird sitting on the bay window sing their songs.
4.   The boy kicked the ball over the fence.
A small boy smashed his ball over the white picket fence.
5.   The man smiled at the lady.
The frail old man walking the dog smiled at the young, smiling lady walking.
6.   The puppies played in the park.
The puppies played with other pups in the park.
7.   The children laughed at the clown.
The small children laugh at the funny clown.
8.   The teacher frowned at the school children.
The young teacher was not happy with what the children were doing.
9.   The carpet feels nice between my toes.
The soft carpet felt nice between their toes.
10. The dog yawned.
The old dogs was tied so he yawned.
11.  The garden was full of flowers.
The big garden was filled with alot of flowers.
12.The sea was quiet and calm.
The small boat cruised over the calm sea
13.The trees were moving in the wind.
The biggest tree was swing in the wind
14.The sky was blue with lots of clouds.
The bright sky was was very hot but the clouds helped it cool down
15.The snow was white and felt soft.
The show was cold but very soft.
16.The birds were flying high in the sky.
The little birds were flying so high in the sky that I could not see.