Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 Class 5 Is Doing Swimming

For the past week we have been doing swimming with the class. There are two groups you can get put in to number one is the highest and then the next highest is two I got put into group 1. All of the class had to sit down We had to wait for my turn I went with Sonny. We had to go into the big cold pool.

We had to warm up by doing kick up and down the lane.And the next thing we got to do was to put  half your head in the water and the other out. and we had to swim up and down the lane. Then we did back stork repeatedly. Then we had to do freestyle. In the last five minutes me got to have free time.

We all were floating on our back and relaxing after a while it got really cold so then Our instructor told us we can get out. We ran slowly got out and went into the shower after that we were a warmed up. after that we went into the changing sheds and went back to school.

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