Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Assembly Term 2

What We Are Doing For This Term

Every term we have a different theme. This team the theme is I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT. Ever team have different way to explain how they like to move it move it.

Team 1 Is going to the zoo to find out how they keep the animals safe and the people safe.To make sure that they don’t fall into the habits. And also the so the animals won't escape.

Team 2 Is learning how the weigh of a plane stay in the air and how they do tricks without any going wrong. And how they go around the world there are approximately 960 flights a day land.

Team 3 Are showing colours stay in some colours and some came back into your eyes. If someone is wearing a green cape then all the colours will go to it but the green colour will reflect of an come back it your eyes. And if you are wearing a black cape all the colours will go to it and none will come back so you will see black.

Team 4 Are trying to show how boat float on water and how they stay bounce. Also how they go through the water even though the water is going the other way. also the way it makes ripples in the water.

And my team is learning how to make instrument made out of things around the school and make a short video clip. I want to make a drum kit we could make a band.

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