Friday, March 14, 2014

Making Our Writing More Interesting

Making our writing more interesting
Below are some really boring sentences. Make them more interesting by adding adjectives and adverbs. You can also use a thesaurus to change the verb to a more interesting word.
e.g. The dog ran to get the ball.
The huge, black dog dashed quickly to fetch the red ball.
1.     The lady walked across the fields.
The tall lady ran across the long, grassy field   with her blue dress.
2.   The cat lay on the sofa.
The fat cat lady on the comfy sofa for a very long time.
3.   The bird was singing outside the window.
A baby bird sitting on the bay window sing their songs.
4.   The boy kicked the ball over the fence.
A small boy smashed his ball over the white picket fence.
5.   The man smiled at the lady.
The frail old man walking the dog smiled at the young, smiling lady walking.
6.   The puppies played in the park.
The puppies played with other pups in the park.
7.   The children laughed at the clown.
The small children laugh at the funny clown.
8.   The teacher frowned at the school children.
The young teacher was not happy with what the children were doing.
9.   The carpet feels nice between my toes.
The soft carpet felt nice between their toes.
10. The dog yawned.
The old dogs was tied so he yawned.
11.  The garden was full of flowers.
The big garden was filled with alot of flowers.
12.The sea was quiet and calm.
The small boat cruised over the calm sea
13.The trees were moving in the wind.
The biggest tree was swing in the wind
14.The sky was blue with lots of clouds.
The bright sky was was very hot but the clouds helped it cool down
15.The snow was white and felt soft.
The show was cold but very soft.
16.The birds were flying high in the sky.
The little birds were flying so high in the sky that I could not see.

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