Friday, August 1, 2014

Film Fest

Today we and 32 people and I going to the NZ film festival. There were 16 movies And they were in the Civic Theater in the city it look so cool and then when we went inside and it was so cool it looked like we were looking at the stars it was cool it looked liked a opera house.

We were there to see movies from around the world but before that we had to wait for half an hour and then a man came up and told us that “ There the movies are going to be from around the world and the last one would be from New Zealand “ And then the curtain pulled up and then the movies.

My favourite movie was the boy who was stealing light bulbs and putting it in the stardom and he got caught by a man and gave his light bulbs back and then the sky light up. Soon after that it was time to go back on the bus. Then we got to school and had morning tea.

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