Monday, February 11, 2013

One cold morning I thought to myself school is today. my heart was pumping. I did not want to go to school I wanted to stay on holiday, I hate learning. I hope I get A nice teacher, I thought to myself. I went in the car and this was so boring I will rather be on holiday. I looked out of the window and watch the school come bye and  I came out of the car and I saw some people at the shops. I bought my lunch got back into the car and then went to school

I walked to the gate then I saw my friends we played for A little while. then we had to go we all went to line up to go in the hall. mr burt was talking for a little bit then he said to the year 7 and 8’s to have A little meeting. then he said the people how a in room 18. we got to class it look funny there were three class all together. at the end I thought this will be fun.yahhh I got mr marks.


  1. Hey, Lee

    What a Amazing story about your first day of school. So what did you do in the first day? I bet you were really happy when you get to meet your same teacher as last year. I love your story Lee. You are very skilled with your sentence beginnings. Why do you hate learning that much? You are really good, but remember to use nice words and capital letters for your sentence beginnings.

  2. Hey Lee,

    I like your story about First Day At School. It was a good story just you forgot a full stop at the end of paragraph one. Anyway isn't it fun to have the same teacher as last time? sure it is great to have the same teacher in a new year. Keep up the great work Lee
    Your Friend,