Tuesday, September 11, 2012


On tuesday went to the court to see what it will be like being paralyzed. We put one hand in the band first so it will be like you have no hands. It was very hard then we got our partner and done the same. By the way Francis was my badey.

When we were running mr marks was laughing he wanted to record the mayhem but the camera was flat. He really wanted tap us so he could watch us all night. That would've been so funny.
It made It so hard to run and throw the ball we could not bet the time if we were running normal. How can they do it it is very hard.

It was very hard throw we had to hop and after we throw. Then we throw the ball without our hand in the band.


  1. Wow Lee

    That is a perfect writing that you done there.
    Did you have fun with playing it? It really sounds fun to me. That is a positive and a very neat writing. Keep it up Lee!!! Its AMAZING what you done there.

  2. Hi Lee so far that is a perfect script of writing and I think you might be a good writer when you grow keep it up.

  3. Hi Lee,
    I love how you write perfected senescent.WOW I loved your work!!!

  4. Hi Lee I like your senescent but remember to double check your work and edit it. Keep up the good work