Wednesday, November 2, 2011

space ship

Getting ready to lift off in to my space ship I strapped my seat belt on. I nervously said to my self “Is this going to be a smooth ride?”

Lifting off the ground I felt like I was going to faint. Cutting through the sky, heavy flames. burst out of the rocket’s exhaust pipe. I knew that this was a risky thing to do. Leaving a trail of smoke in the sky, every one cheered for me. I wish I could see my kids.


  1. I Lee I looked at your writing it was the best writing i ever seen out of your class room .You have done a great work at writing .It is a long writing you writen about spaceship and you have done a cool photo on your blog about the space ship it is a very good space ship you have drowed in you blog good work Lee .

  2. Hi lee
    I really like the detail in your drawing and the detail you put in your writing hope to see more post from you.
    from bobbigrace

  3. Hi Lee

    I really like your anaemic it was a really cool spaceship you detail keep it up.
    BY Martha....