Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Tortoise & The Hare

It was a sunny day when Slowly the slow-star was eating his grass very very slowly when the most stupid hare started to talk to him. He has this high pitched voice and he thinks he is all that. The hare said “are you a rock”. Slowly the slow-star replied “No” then mr Troxy foxy jumped out of the bushes like a storka. speedy said to mr Troxy foxy “I am the fastest thing on land”.Mr Troxy foxy said “I bet you 200,000,000,000 that Slowly the slow-star will beat you at a race speedy replied “deal” up the hill and back.

Come on slow poke 3 hours later finally Troxy foxy said on your mark get set go speedy said catch me if you can saintly speedy was gone in a flash speedy was almost done when Slowly the slow-star tripped speedy up then he face planted the brick wall he was out cold. suddenly Slowly the slow-star started to walk 9 hours later he got up the hill another 9 hours later he won the gold medal THE END.

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