Friday, October 18, 2013

A Foal Is Born

One lovely day there was a boy name Ryan. Ryan’s mum had a horse named Del. Ryan watched Del for two weeks and saw Del grow bigger and bigger. 6 Hours later Ryan said “It’ll be born any hours now.” The next day Ryan woke up and he saw his mum at the horse paddock. When he went outside he saw a little foal lying on the grass near Del.

Ryan ran from me Ryan asked his mum if he could pat the foal. “No!” Shouted mum, “It is too soon.” He knelt beside the foal he put his finger in her ear and mouth the foal was half covered with something that  look like a big plastic bag she shaking her head as if she was trying to get it off that sac protected her when she was inside her mother’s womb. Ryan watched the foal stand up with it’s long wobbly legs. while Ryan was at school Ryan mum fed the Foal.

now it is time to measure the height in the end mum had to hold her. The next day the vet came and checked dosti and del. next the vet got out the stethoscope and losing to her heart beat then she took a blood sample to check if she was getting enough antibodies from del’s milk antibodies are special substances in the blood.

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