Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Just before the sun shin’s over the the big oak wood tree’s there were  some friend that loved to go to theme parks. There names were Iisa, Faaiua, Vaifoa, Eric and Lee. Lee was the least scared Eric the the most likely the scream like a girl one day they went to the world scariest theme park in the world. Nobody ever completed it because it is so scary evening the name is horrifying candy land. Lee shout “I am not scared at all”.

Eric replied back “dry you will cry like a little girl”  “no you will” “no you will” “no you will” “no you will” “no you will” They were trash talking for a long time they put a $5 bet to see who will scream first Faaiua gazed at the line “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” 2 hour later. We are  there then they ran to the front of the coaster then it began to shake they we up the first hill what would happen?

Then the rail began to crack ahhhhhhhh lee was screaming like a little girl you have to give me $5 dollis. but what good is it when we are going to die. They tried to make it go faster but the cracks were following them going over hill’s it was so terrifying then crack went faster and faster the crack’s broke the rail the was in front of the then they thought that they were going to die.

Then they shouted is it a bird is it a plane to ist is superman. Iisa, Faaiua, Vaifoa, Eric and Lee
Superman floe as fast as he could just before they landed on the ground and picked it up with all his power and lifted them back on to the rail yaaaaaa!!!! super man said “My job here is done” and flew we are the first people to ever complete the roller coaster and then walked into the sunset  and they live happily ever after. THE END

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