Friday, September 11, 2015

Lee Going To Aussie

Even before the sun rose, I was already awake in bed, ready to dash down stairs. I zoomed to the table to eat my breakfast, I was so excited to jump on a plane Aussie, I have never been there before, also never seen my family,  the nutrigrain made my tastebuds dance in my mouth. I ate my breakfast brushed my teeth and got changed. My dad arrived  for work we threw our luggage and all hoped in the car, we fastened our seat belt we went to my nana’s house then left for the airport.

We got to the airport very early, we were there two hour early. When we got there we had to give our passport to the  when we were there this person asked if we would buy this drink it was for people that are having long flights we finally arrived at the plane boarding. After a few minutes the captain announced that we were going to to take off. When we took off there were so much G’s and that I could not lean forward.

We finally landed after three gruelling hours we went through costumes and we got picked up from my two uncles picked us up and we went to my uncle's house it was the best house I have ever seen well that what I thought but then I went to my uncle Ellen he had a niceeeee! house. He had a penthouse looking over the gold coast. We were going to stay at my nana’s house for the night. The next morning we woke up and left to the theme parks.

Later we went we went back to uncle hu’s house and we had a BBQ, we also jumped into the pool with my cousins and sister. My Uncle turned the fountain on. Later we jumped on a big jandal and we layed on it and jumped off it. Then it was time to eat you could smell it from the pool, It smelt gooooood, we all got a plate and eat some food, it was delicious figer liking good. We all went back into the pool and played a bit, it was sad because it was our last day there. Soon night came and we went to bed.

The next morning we got ready to leave my uncle paul came over to pick us up to take us back to the airport, we were all sad, but when we were there we got a iced coffee. Soon we had to go, we looked at the plane it was bigger than the other one. So we said our final goodbyes and boarded the plane, the plane started to take off, I put my headphone on, put a movie on and left on the way home there was a lot of turbulence. But it’s okay because we are going back soon.

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