Friday, October 23, 2015

When Something Went Missing

As the bell rang on a blistering hot day, I sprinted and grabbed my sister, we walked to the bus stop and waited a few minutes for the bus arrived. We hopped into the bus ready to go home, I put my bag on the ground. Turning into our stop I pressed the button so we could get off. We stepped out of the bus and walked home. As I got home I went to put my bag down but there was nothing to put down.

Panicked I ran into the lounge, shouting “where's my bag Where’s my bag” my mum said “where did you last see it” I replied “On the bus” we did not know what to do. Then my mum said call the bus company, so we did, they didn’t have it. I had lost my first bag, I lost my glasses and lunch box and things.

Two weeks latter I had more glasses and another bag, I leaped on the bus and put my bag down again, we went around the corner and and  pushed the button again. I hopped off the bus, and I did not know that I had forgotten my bag a again. We walked a few houses away from my houses, until my sister said “wait where’s your bag” I was worried. I raced home and told my mum. She called the bus company and she asked them if they had found it, They had found it.

We had to travel a long way to get to there, We arrived at the front door, and opened the door, and there the bag was, we walked over to grabbed the bag, we thanked them. I was so happy, We walked into the car and left, I thought to myself “ that was lucky”. Now when I go on to the bus I stick my leg between my straps so I would never forget it again.

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