Thursday, November 5, 2015

Time I Had With A Friend

 Time I Had With A Friend

Waking up from a loud bang from the door, the sound of the squeaks as my mum twisted the door handle. I hear a familiar voice at the front door, I was so happy because my friends were at the door, because the day earlier they had said to pick me up in the morning, I had forgot all about it. I leaped out of my warm bed onto the cold wooden floor, I left the room with a puff of smoke. The fell down the stairs by accident, it didn't hurt much because of I had so much energy. They brain said “are you ready to go” I replied back I'll get change. Mum said “And have breakfast” as I ran to the fridge I clenched the milk bottles handle and rushed into the lounge. I gobbled all the cereal down, I ran back up the stairs, Chucked on anything, I went down the stair a bit more slowly because I didn't want that to happen again, My friends and I all had our bikes with us, so we all left with in a heartbeat.

We had told my mum that we were going to my friend Solomon, so we went down the road, we chucked our bikes onto the grass and sprinted upstairs. Back then he had and Xbox with Halo, Solomon, Brain and I played for a few hour before we all of bored and restless, we thought what could we do? I wondered what to do, we put our heads together Solomon said let go to the field and play around there, but it was a long way away, we travelled A few kilometre to get there, I saw a lot of my friends on the way, we went up steep hill and down steep hill then finally we arrived at our destination. We road down to the bottom and had a look around to find some wood and materials for the hut, then out of nowhere we see a half built hut, we went there to finish it off and play with it.

When we get there I thought that it was amazing, because it was built into a tree’s log and there was the aluminium roof, also it was on a steep hill, but the best thing was that there was cardboard on the hill, we found more wood and finished the hut. That meant we all jumped onto the boards and slide down the hill. I thought that it was getting pretty dark, so I said “Let’s go now guys” so we grabbed our bikes and left for home. I didn't really want to go home because I was having such a good time there and also we had to go all the way back home.

Going all the way up the steep hill and back down the steep hills. We finally made it into our street. I feared my friend good and rode my bike home, when I got there dinner was getting prepared, we had roast chicken, my mum said “how was your day”I replied “It was amazing” dinner was ready I was starving.

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